Saturday, February 26, 2005

Nonsense Up With Which I Will Not Put!

My list of unsupported, un-educated, nonsense henceforth banned from my blog:
  1. Bush stole the 2000 election; seven Supreme Court Justices never agreed the Florida Supreme Court recount order was unconstitutional, and the Florida court itself didn't care about finishing the recount before the state certification to the electoral college was subject to challenge (see Palm Beach County v. Harris, at 19 n.17).

  2. George W. Bush is stupid, as are his uneducated and dumb supporters.

  3. Republicans are the party of the rich, Democrats the poor.

  4. Conservatives are uninterested bettering ordinary Americans, particularly the poor.

  5. Employment declined in the Bush Administration.

  6. The Palestinians are historically, legally or morally correct, and America should force Israel to concede.

  7. The 9/11 attacks were phony.

  8. Richard Clarke warned the Bush Administration before Al Qaeda attacked, but was ignored.

  9. The United Nations is popular and has a superior moral authority and must approve any U.S. overseas intervention.

  10. The Bush Administration falsely claimed Iraq was an imminent threat, and was uninterested in helping the Iraqi people.

  11. The terrorists in Iraq represent the Iraqi people, are pro-democracy and are battling an alien occupying power.

  12. Iraq is a quagmire, just like Vietnam, which was just peachy after America pulled out.

  13. Iraq is awful and was better under Saddam.

  14. The Iraqi people are don't want freedom or democracy, which -- in any event -- can't be mandated from abroad.

  15. Arabs are unimpressed by the nascent Iraqi democracy, which is unsuited to the middle-East.

  16. Bush is too religious.

  17. The Patriot Act trampled precious civil liberties.

  18. Almost all scientists agree warming is real and caused by man-made CO2 emissions; cutting CO2 emissions would halt warming, with minimal economic harm.

  19. The environment is more polluted than ever, especially under President Bush, who relaxed Clinton-era environmental standards.

  20. Liberals understand and respect Americans who live between Pittsburgh and Denver.



Anonymous said...

Just starnge how stupid these lefists are they must still beleive the earth is flat

OBloodyHell said...

No, they just believe they can solve all the worlds problems by thinking Good Thoughts at 'em... and if that doesn't work, well, THEY TRIED.