Monday, November 14, 2016

Re-Ignition of No Oil For Pacifists

I sometimes wish this blog were called No Food For Liberals, rather than No Oil For Pacifists, because, really I have no beef with true pacifists.  Liberals however, are poor misguided misinformed sheeple fed a constant diet of propaganda starting in grade school.  Poor unfortunates, when they occasionally come out of their stupor, they are really pissed to have been misled.

The Left is, and has been for quite some time, dominated by a violent extremism grabbing power at any cost.  Mob justice is as good as any to the left.  The lawlessness of the left, the sanctuary cities for criminals, the unabashed fielding of the most corrupt politician in recent memory, perhaps of all time, these are scandalous, shameful desperate acts of a group that hates America and the American Way of Life.

The national media like the NYT, HuffPo, CNN are disconnected from reality.  Only able to process a world where the "liberal view" is "mainstream."  They protected and nurtured the mob, the sanctuary cities.  Yes, this power of the press has kept the violent left in power by spreading lies such as "voter id laws are racist."  (Really?  Yes, many white liberals believe that people of color are too inept to get an ID card, and therefore... that's what the media wants you to believe!  It's incredible.  Anyways...)

What do we have to balance it?  The Conservatives in this country have most of the guns.  Also grow most of the food. So what is the problem?

We are fortunate to live in the golden age of the Pax Americana, which will last as long as the US Military dominates half the globe.  Yet, someday, America will fall.  And it will fall from within, if we are lucky, and from without if we are not.

By electing Donald Trump, we've avoided a death spiral from within for perhaps a generation.  I believe that the Pax Americana will last through my lifetime.  I wasn't sure about that with the police state Hillary dreamed about for America.

I am only serious.

My name is Bob Cosmos and Carl has asked me to be the caretaker, the custodian of this blog, if you will.

I will occasionally offer musings on the events of the day.   My aim is to cover them as if I am a time traveler from a later generation wanting to know what the hell happened in this country, because, later generations will never get it from CNN.  CNN doesn't have a fucking clue.

If you have a clue, sound off in the comments section.  Let me hear from you.

God Bless America.


Powerboss said...

I really do miss Carl's epic blog posts. I still maintain it was among the best blogging on the internet.

OBloodyhell, "Si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses." said...

Yup. I've only known two bloggers who did better on a consistent basis -- Frank, of VariFrank... who stopped blogging about 10 or 12 years ago.

And Bill Whittle, who is still around but does videos, who wrote sporadically but when he did produced the best damned long-form political essays ever written, at Eject! Eject! Eject! -- his blog is itself gone from the internet, but available to those of us smart enough to have kept links and who know about The Wayback Machine... ;-)

Honorable Mention --
Dr. Sanity, also retired for quite a few years. still available, though, via blogspot.
Wolf Howling, still around, last I checked.
Neo-Neocon, still active
Patterico, still active
Coyoteblog, still active.

Carl did a good job of citing his sources, which was one of his strengths.

Bob Cosmos said...

Political blogging is dying. I believe it was in about 2009 that Google removed its "blog search" tool, and it does not list bloggers in its "news". The result is blogging is not part of the mass media. Sigh, which is perhaps one reason why Whittle made the leap to video, because video bloggers do get to be part of the media, witness megastars Diamond and Silk.