Sunday, March 28, 2010

Headline of the Day

From CNN's Afghanistan blog on March 25th:
Residents stone, slash would-be suicide bomber to death
(via reader Marc)


OBloodyHell said...

This just in:

Holder Brings Charges in ICJ Against Mob

Reuters -- The Hague: Eric Holder has filed a motion in the The International
Court of Justice to bring the stoners up on charges of war crimes violations
for failure to use the "minimum necessary force" to subdue the suicide bomber.

"People in other nations just have to learn that there is a process to these
things, that they can't just arbitrarily take the law into their own hands,"
intoned Holder. "One blow to the head would have been adequate to stop
the man. After that this became a blatant case of cold-blooded mob justice.
It was flat out murder."

Ahmed Yusuf Ajibola, a spokesman for the ICJ, has stated that the court plans
to pursue an indictment against the individuals in question, agreeing with
Mr. Holder, adding, "We have to treat these people like the thugs they are."

Claudio Cordone, acting head of Amnesty International, also chimed in, saying
that they were going to "organize a relief fund for the family of the victim
of this heinous act of mob injustice", and that they would also seek
to assist the family in obtaining whatever civil remedies could be attained
from the perpetrators.

Mohammed Daoud, the only one of the mob of stoners who could be reached
for comment, responded to the accusations and allegations with a heartfelt,
"What the (expletive) you talkin' 'bout, Willis?"




In case it wasn't incredibly obvious by the end para, the above is an utter
and complete fabrication for my (and hopefully your) amusement. It seems to me
singularly unfortunate that it seems all too plausible in the modern culturally
suicidal international climate. I also have no doubt of any kind that, had the
same sort of reaction occurred in The West, with the attackers descending
from Euro stock, that something of the sort above WOULD actually occur.

Carl said...

Very good, OBH.