Friday, May 22, 2009

Leftist Media Bias of the Day

UPDATE: below--and again

After years of trumpeting "Bush Lied," including about supposed torture, when it turns out that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi lied about not knowing terrorist detainees were being waterboarded, press progressives at the New York Times hid the story on page 15. To its credit, the WaPo put it on the front page.

No wonder no one's buying the paper. Or buying Pelosi's unconvincing amnesia--as Insty says:
Another pro-torture Democrat. There used to be a lot of ‘em. Now it’s their logic that’s tortured.
But both the Times and the Speaker prefer blaming Bush to growing up.


No wonder the New York Times Company corporate bonds have become junk.

MORE & MORE: weighs in: "It is clear that Pelosi has contradicted herself, and that she knew as early as 2003 that waterboarding was in use, long before she raised any public or private objection."

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OBloodyHell said...

> No wonder the New York Times Company corporate bonds have become junk.

What's really absurd is that this need not have ANY effect on the NYT, its editorial behavior, or on the corporation.

All OTC for the NYT, as I understand it, is non-voting stock -- one of Dogbert's Dream Investment Scenarios -- Translated as "Here -- take my money and do whatever you like with it... Oh, please? Take it... I really, really want you to have it. C'mon, take my money, will you?"

Which means that the people who get screwed by the stock tanking aren't Pinch Sulzberger and crew, it's the idiots who took the above rather imbecilic investment proposition.

That isn't necessarily a bad thing -- anyone who had money in the NYT given all the other things it was doing pretty much had to be a lefty supporter, which means that that's one large chunk of monies in the hands of someone other than leftist idiots. God doesn't put out even a catastrophe where someone doesn't benefit.