Sunday, December 21, 2008

Obamessiah Suck-Up of the Day

From the December 16th USAToday:
President-elect Barack Obama will arrive here for his inauguration by train from Philadelphia, making a journey with echoes of the Founding Fathers and Abraham Lincoln.

Obama plans events in Philadelphia, Wilmington, Del., and Baltimore during the Jan. 17 trip, his inaugural committee announced Monday. . .

The announcement noted that Philadelphia — where the nation's founders shaped the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution — is where America's "promise was realized." Baltimore is where Francis Scott Key wrote The Star-Spangled Banner. Vice President-elect Joe Biden will join the Obama train in Wilmington, his home. . .

Philadelphia is a logical starting point, said presidential historian Richard Norton Smith, especially for the nation's first black president. The framers of the Constitution — all white males — "set in motion something that is still a work in progress," he said.

Obama's proposed trip also stirs images of Lincoln, whose pre-White House journey included a celebrated stop in Philadelphia. Security officials had asked Lincoln to skip Philadelphia because of a suspected assassination plot, Smith said. Lincoln ignored the advice and visited Independence Hall, expressing "deep emotion" for the place "from which sprang the institutions under which we live."
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OBloodyHell said...

> President-elect Barack Obama will arrive here for his inauguration by train from Philadelphia

Actually, this knowledge has been a profound disappointment to Obama supporters everywhere.

It seems they were certain he was going to get there by walking on water...