Monday, November 01, 2004

Final Numbers

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Remember, I'm deep into the ground game; I admit that I've lost track of national trends. The polls are inconsistent and opposite--nearly worthless. And I've not fully absorbed the various electronic betting markets (Iowa Electronic Market pool--Bush 55%) or the recent reviews thereof (see here (Bush 286 electoral votes), here (Bush 51.5%) and here (Bush 57.7%)).

But, to hell with it--my bold predictions:
Two points are clear beyond cavil:
  1. Kerry = surrender to the terrorists, as Jonah Goldberg says: "If Kerry wins, the Moore-ons will claim it as an anti-war victory and they will be right in doing so."

  2. Until today, I was pretty sure the Constitution didn't address poll watchers. So, Kerry = more unelected Federal judges reading non-existing clauses into the United States Constitution.
Tomorrow I'll be up at dawn, traveling between the dozen or so Lee County precincts with the heaviest expected Democrat vote. I'll update progress around 1pm.


The soon-to-retire-and-be-replaced-by-a-real-Republican Justice Stevens denied the application for stay of the overturning of Ohio challenge law. That makes it quite difficult to monitor voter fraud. But, to Stevens, it was a no-brainer: "Because of the importance of providing the parties with a prompt decision, I am simply denying the applications to vacate stays without referring them to the full Court."

Got that? Count every vote, but bypass full judicial review.

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Anonymous said...

BTW, one of the Ohio judges at issue is a Clinton appointee, the wife of megarich trial lawyer Stanley Chesley, and she is quoted as being unabashed about results-oriented judging.

On judges, we have a choice, not an echo.

BarCode King said...

I voted at Precinct 120 in Lehigh Acres this morning at 8:30. I waited in line for an hour and fifteen minutes. And of course, I voted for Bush/Cheney, Mel Martinez and the entire Republican slate. The only Democrat I voted for was Aronberg for state representative, and then only because he's a moderate and didn't have a Republican running against him. Pretty good turnout today. Hopefully there are more of us than there are of them.

@nooil4pacifists said...

One of our lawyers stopped by precinct 151 (just a few miles west of there) this morning!