Monday, November 23, 2009


Assistant Village Idiot:
There are closed circles on both sides, of course. But far more often than is commonly believed, it is the dogmatic who are ultimately tolerant; those who believe themselves tolerant are always in peril that a deeper dogmatism is disguised within them. Those who know they rely ultimately on faith apply reason forcefully nonetheless; those who claim to rely only on reason conceal a hundred unquestioned creeds from their own sight.


O Bloody Hell said...

THEN someone comes along with this idea:

Global Warming Causes Prostitution Says U.N.

The mind just.... boggles

Gringo said...

Those who are religious may be more sure of the existence of a Supreme Being than others, which may lead to the "dogmatic" label. At the same one often finds in the religious the attitude of ¿Qué sé yo? : "What do I know?" While the Supreme Being may know...(take your pick), we mortals don't. There is thus a humbleness in believers from comparing themselves to the Supreme Being. This will often translate into less dogmatic positions on more secular matters.

Disclaimer: I am a former atheist, not agnostic; never a churchgoer.