Sunday, November 07, 2004

Bush Democrats

This election was dominated by Bush hatred. I worried the Bush = Hitler zealousness would overcome reason. I'm glad Bush loathing lost.

But Democrats aren't going to abandon fear-mongering just to please me. They might not even be dissuaded by defeat. Perhaps they'll listen to an anonymous woman in her late 20s, with broadly liberal, Democratic party values, writing an open letter to Democrats From A Sad American:
I tried so hard to give you guys a chance. I'm young, I'm not extremely religious, and I'm supportive of liberal ideals like fighting for higher wages, stopping outsourcing of jobs, and standing up for the little guy. I wanted to vote Democratic this time, more than I can possibly put into words. You just didn't give me the option.

President Bush won on values, yes, but not hatred of gays or any other stereotype you have in your head about Bush voters like me.

He won because he has values, clearly defined values, and even though I agree with little of what he believes, at least I know what he believes. At least I know that he really does believe in something. At least I know that he will do what he says he will do.

That's disgustingly little, but unbelievably – you offered me less.
I doubt Dems are listening--but they should.

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Village Voice writer Rick Perlstein offers this laughable advice: Dems should run against Wal-Mart! According to Perlstein, Wal-Mart destroys jobs and discriminates against women and minorities. The former is false, and the latter--if accurate--already redressable by courts. But most importantly, Perlstein never even considers Wal-Mart's provision of good products at reduced prices widely available to lower income Americans. Bless the Dems--always looking out for the little guy. . .

Note to Perlstein: Next time you're West of the Hudson River--first time?--(1) visit a Wal-Mart; and (2) ask a Sad American if closing Wal-Mart wins her vote.

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