Tuesday, December 06, 2016

The Promise of The Trump Presidency: Decline and Fall of "Political Correctness"

"I'll use the word anchor baby."

With that phrase, Donald J. Trump ushered in the end of the "political correctness" era.  

The Washington Times put up this headline almost a year ago:  Why Trump may be winning the war on ‘political correctness’ :

“ ‘Political correctness’ are the two words that best respond to everything that a conservative feels put upon,” ...[it is] a validation that what many on the right see as legitimate policy and cultural differences are not the same as racism, sexism or heartlessness(emphasis mine)

In, The Rise of Political Correctness,  Angelo M. Codevilla observes that Politically Correctness originated in the communist party, at a time when Stalin was it's figurehead.  It appears that Political Correctness is another term for Propaganda.    They are synonyms. 
"the Party’s interest is to be treated as a reality that ranks above reality itself... Progressive parties everywhere have sought to... force those under their thumbs to sing their tunes or to shut up.. [but] they have been unable to [hide] the gap between political correctness and reality.

It's about time we bid goodbye to Propaganda like Political Correctness.  As in all other things socialistic...  "good ideas should not be mandatory."

That is the promise of the Trump Presidency, the Decline and Fall of Political Correctness.  

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