Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Unsupported Hearsay Enough to Tar Israel

Israeli and Western press reports, plus a UN investigator, accused the Israeli Defense Forces of war crimes during the recent incursion into Gaza. The claims--based on IDF soldier's statements--caused an uproar in Israel and abroad.

Not so fast. So far, it seems that many such claims were echoed without investigation, based on hearsay, rumor or scuttlebutt by a soldier not even in Gaza, implausible in any event, or subsequently retracted--if not flat-out false.

As depicted by Yaakov Kirschen:

source: Dry Bones March 30th

I'm not saying that some IDF soldiers never cross the line or that no investigation is necessary. Only that, to date, there's no reliable evidence, in particular of systemic atrocities perpetuated by those in command. That's particularly relevant given the scant attention paid to Palestinian human rights violations committed against Palestinians, leathal violence directed at Israeli civilians, and war crimes by Hamas during the Gaza conflict.

The absence of evidence doesn't prevent progressives and the media from promoting the "fact" of a "Gaza massacre." Like when they insist there was a "Jenin massacre." Yet, the same attitude ensures radio silence on Hamas' continued rejection of peace talks and Israel's right to exist.

(via Normblog, Elder of Ziyon)


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Oh, come on, Carl. Israel, like Amerikkka, is guilty, guilty, guilty.

Every libtard knows this.

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