Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Emily Bazelon writes in Slate about the "embarrassing Obama kids":
Witness the harsh and sometimes hostile partisanship of the sweet liberal children I know. . . I suppose I should applaud the strength of their convictions. But the dark side to their partisanship is the traitor-bashing. Our kids are raised on a steady diet of tolerance, but, given the chance, they signal allegiance by turning on whomever they can pin as a bad guy. They don't get many chances at that, really. There just aren't a lot of enemies in their lives. Railing against McCain supporters functions as a safe outlet for hostility and even hatred. . .

And so I fear the election is teaching them not only about the joy of supporting an appealing candidate but also about the more vicious pleasures of despising the other side--with a zeal that's usually off-limits to them. Also during the soccer carpool, the kids discussed a pumpkin with Obama carvings that had gotten smashed, and one of them said, "It must have been those McCain-loving teenagers." Which led to a gleeful discussion about fighting back with bombs and guns. I winced. As did one of my colleagues over drawings her 3-year-old son did at synagogue this weekend. At first, he drew a stick figure with its arms raised. "That's Obama," he said to nobody. Then the stick figure reappeared, lying prone. "Dead McCain," he muttered.
More evidence the leftist wind shifted from "teach your children well" to the paranoid style.

(via The Corner)


Assistant Village Idiot said...

Interesting thought that the enforced tolerance this generation has at school might be creating the more intense hatred when an approved target is found. That has frightening possibilities.

@nooil4pacifists said...

Sure does--wonder if children of Republicans are different?