Friday, August 08, 2008

Pictures of the Day

Popular Mechanics shows off the 10 Best Planes from the Oshkosh Air Show. Number 3 is the ICON A5, designed by several of Burt Rutan's former protégés:

source: Popular Mechanics
According to the magazine:
[I]t can run on either 100LL Aviation Fuel or regular car gasoline. Just taxi on up to the dock at your local marina and fill 'er up. Useful load is up to 530 pounds. Maximum speed is 105 knots and range is estimated at 300 nautical. ICON says the A5 will take off or land in 750 feet. Price should be around $140,000. A prototype first flew July 9; read more about the plane here. Production is scheduled for 2010—if the company can raise the necessary capital.
Retirement fantasy, anyone?

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Geoffrey Britain said...

Love the plane and anything Rutan inspired is great but...$140k for a 530 lb payload? Hopefully that's a typo.