Monday, May 07, 2007

TOOTSIF--Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

The global warming hucksters are turning up the heat, insisting on action now:
World leaders will have to agree the shape of a "son of Kyoto" treaty before the end of the year if the most catastrophic effects of climate change are to be averted, UN officials said yesterday.

They were speaking after scientists and officials from 120 countries agreed in Bangkok that the world has the technology and can afford to tackle the effects of climate change - provided it begins immediately.

Envoys sent out by the UN secretary-general, Ban Ki-Moon, have begun seeking advance agreement from heads of state on the principles of a post-2012 climate change treaty, negotiations which begin at a meeting in Indonesia in December.
This despite the TOOTSIF's previous timetables of 30 years, then 10 years, continued doubt about fingering man-made carbon and the rarely mentioned impossibility of cutting carbon emissions, much less a remedy whose claimed benefits exceed costs. Supposedly supporting debate, they actually suppress dissent and edit-out objections. This isn't science--it's a secular religion.

Still, the doomsayers can avoid confronting radical Islam, which would second the strangling of Western economies. And that may explain the UN's ardor, as Oxford Medievalist says:
From Iran's nuclear ambitions, to Darfur, to Iraq, to international terrorism, to the call for Israel's (a member state) destruction, to the UN's own appalling internal scandals - I can think of a hundred other impending catastrophes that deserve greater international attention that "global warming." But when you're an organization with no backbone which has long since outlived its usefulness, it's easier to tackle make-believe problems than really tough ones...
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Martin Sims said...
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Martin Sims said...

Unless the western world is willing and capable of mounting a coordinated conventional attack against the Iranian Nuclear inrastructure, the successul destruction or addequate degradation of Iran's nuclear program cannot be assured. Israel has a fundamental responsibility to protect it's citizens. Israel's government and military do not have the luxury of gambling with the lives of their citizens. The only way that the Israeli government and military can uphold their oaths of office is to plan and coordinate a comprehensive nuclear strike on Iran that will assure the complete and utter destruction of the entire Iranian nuclear program and as much of Iran's military infrastructure as possible.

MaxedOutMama said...

Carl, they're thinking we have to act before the cooling wave hits. Somehow, the bureaucrats suspect that would erode support.