Monday, August 22, 2005

Abortion, Not Army

Mark Steyn spots more leftist hypocrisy about the age of majority, in Sunday's Sun-Times:
They're not children in Iraq; they're grown-ups who made their own decision to join the military. That seems to be difficult for the left to grasp. Ever since America's all-adult, all-volunteer army went into Iraq, the anti-war crowd have made a sustained effort to characterize them as "children." If a 13-year-old wants to have an abortion, that's her decision and her parents shouldn't get a look-in. If a 21-year-old wants to drop to the broadloom in Bill Clinton's Oval Office, she's a grown woman and free to do what she wants. But, if a 22- or 25- or 37-year-old is serving his country overseas, he's a wee "child" who isn't really old enough to know what he's doing.
Meanwhile, America awaits a ruling on whether the Constitution blocks college military recruiters--after all, gotta protect our boys from the evils of patriotism.

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