Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Iraq--A Soldier's View

In addition to claiming -- falsely -- to represent the Iraqi electorate, the far left occasionally imagines it speaks for American troops in Iraq. Wrong again, as echoed by 1st Lt Lance Frizzell, currently serving in Northern Iraq, on Saturday's anti-war protests:
'I think all war is wrong,' said Mary McKinney of Nashville. McKinney had her three children with her, including her 2-year-old son in a sling on her chest.

What the article does not mention is that she spoke her words in English, not German or Russian. However, the language of naivete is grating in any dialect.

Liberals today are isolationists in an era when that's simply not feasible. We tried it and we got Pearl Harbor. We tried it again and we got 9/11. Worse, they think America incapable of moral action on the world stage yet believe US citizens should fund it through the corrupt, immoral UN. Once upon a time, the left claimed to be for human rights. No more. They have thrown down the banner and President Bush, to his great credit, picked it up.
Frizzell concludes:
The anguish of families who miss their soldiers and worry about their safety here is understandable. American soldiers and their families have sacrificed a great deal in this mission. But war protestors upset that we are doing this work instead of the UN need to look seriously at events of the recent past and decide if the UN is capable of executing this type of work. They will find the answer is "no."
Contrary to overhyped concerns about theocracy, Iraqi translator Haider Ajina points to the latest poll in the "Iraquna" newspaper:
[M]ost Iraqis have favored a secular government for some time and are continuing to ask for a secular government. They know what a theocracy is like, they have one next door and it does what it can to destabilize Iraq.
Ali at Free Iraqi knows religious dictatorship--and supports secular rule.

I concede Democrats are correct on one point--America is plagued by a literacy crisis: the anti-war left apparently has lost the ability to read.

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