Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Our Diverse, Multicultural Society

Yesterday, ABC 'fessed-up to left-wing media bias. The same day, Duke University confirmed (albeit unintentionally) the leftist slant in academia. Duke's "Conservative Union" had protested the absence of diversity among the faculty: "I don't think it's a coincidence that 32 Democrats are in the history department, and zero Republicans." But never fear!--Robert Brandon, chair of Duke's philosophy department, can explain:
"We try to hire the best, smartest people available," Brandon said of his philosophy hires. "If, as John Stuart Mill said, stupid people are generally conservative, then there are lots of conservatives we will never hire."
Ok, mystery solved: Liberals are smart; conservatives dumb. This isn't the first time some crack-pot college professors said that, though the last bunch nearly prompted a Congressional investigation for misuse of Federal funds.

Ignore the insularity, insult and inanity for a moment. Brandon's defense is that diversity must yield to intelligence and achievement. I fully agree, but how is that consistent with minority preferences for college admissions? Answer: it isn't. Don't expect philosophic consistency from Democrats, especially academics. Especially from Democrat academics in the Philosophy department.

Still, as I said below, February 10th was "startling admission" day. Wish I'd played the lottery. (Via The Corner.)

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