Sunday, February 15, 2004

Duke Prof "Explains"

Robert Brandon, chairman of Duke University's Philosophy department, is the very model of a modern liberal professor. Last week, he denied academia was monopolized by leftists, explaining that conservatives simply are stupider than liberals, and thus unqualified. (See the tpfp post on 2/11 4:16pm.) Academics doubtlessly agree, but it's not polite to admit it. So when everyone squawked, Brandon clarified his position:
the only viable hypothesis left is something like the following: There is a statistical association between the qualities that make for good academics and those that lead to left-leaning political views. Said another way, a larger proportion of academics are likely to be liberal.
Got it? Feel better now? Remember, this guy's the chairman of the Philosophy department; he must have mastered "syllogism" and "logic" by now.

Left-wing profs, and liberals in general, think they know what's best for students. Hell, these geniuses claim to know what's best for America.

When stuck, most people know the first step is "stop digging." If Brandon and other academics are so smart, how come they never learned Rule 1?

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