Sunday, November 28, 2004

The Non-Violent Left: Deranged and Deadly

What follows are quotes and word association. I'm too mad to write clearly or cleverly about these two items:

First, via LGF, Canadian lefties discussed their plans for protesting President Bush's state visit to Ottawa on Tuesday:
A coalition of anti-war protesters, left-wing lawyers and anti-capitalists refused repeatedly yesterday to condemn those who might resort to violence during the "loud" demonstrations planned for the visit next week of U.S. President George W. Bush.

"A number of protesters are coming together to protest the real violence going on around the world right now," said Joe Cressy of the No To Bush campaign, which is organizing two large demonstrations for Nov. 30, the day Mr. Bush will be in Ottawa. "People are angry at Bush. People are going to express themselves through art, through direct action, through a number of different formats."

Mr. Cressy would not define what he means by direct action, but his committee has already said it will offer medical and legal help to protesters who need it. "Police response can sometimes act as a provocateur of violence," he said.
How childish to blame the police, instead of admitting "direct action" is a plan to initiate violence. And two Canadian moonbats even asked that Bush be barred from entering the dominion:
The evidence of President Bush's past and ongoing criminality is overwhelming. A recent editorial in the Washington Post commented on some of the now well known facts regarding the chain of memoranda from the President and white house White House counsel Alberto R. Gonzales, now Attorney General, that led to the use of torture by the US Armed Forces. These memoranda clearly establish the President's culpability for the torture used on detainees at Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib prisons. We also refer you to the many careful reports prepared by respected human rightso rganizations, journalists and scholars and also to recent decisions by US Courts, some of which are referenced in our letter to the Prime Minister and others we have listed below. These clearly provide far more than 'reasonable grounds to believe' in President Bush's legal and moral responsibility for the gravest crimes under numerous provisions of the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act.
Second, via Instapundit, fatuous 60's radical and ex husband of Jane Fonda, Tom Hayden's proposal for ending the Iraq war, published on AlterNet. After falsely claiming "the Bush administration turned Falluja into a slaughterhouse" (no, Tom, the terrorists turned Fallujah into a slaughterhouse), Hayden urges a six-point plan:

The first step is to build pressure at congressional district levels to oppose any further funding or additional troops for war. . .

Two, we need to build a Progressive Democratic movement which will pressure the Democrats to become an anti-war opposition party. . . .It is time for the Democratic leadership to end its collaboration with the Bush administration – with its endorsement of the offensive on Fallujah, the talk of "victory" and "killing the terrorists" – and now play the role of the opposition. The progressive activists of the party should refuse to contribute any more resources – volunteers, money, etc. – to candidates or incumbents who act as collaborators. . .

Three, we need to build alliances with Republican anti-war conservatives. . . . [C]onservatives . . ., according to the New York Times, are "ready to rumble" against Iraq. Pillars of the American right, including Paul Weyrich, Pat Buchanan and William F. Buckley, are seriously questioning the quagmire created by the neoconservatives. . .

Four, we must build solidarity with dissenting combat veterans, reservists, their families and those who suffered in 9/11. Just as wars cannot be fought without taxpayer funding, wars cannot be fought without soldiers willing to die, even for a mistake. . .

The movement will need to start opening another underground railroad to havens in Canada for those who refuse to serve, but for now even the most moderate grievances should be supported – for example, relief from the "back door draft" that is created by extending tours of duty. . . .

Five, we need to defeat the U.S. strategy of "Iraqization." . . This cynical strategy is based on putting an Iraqi "face" on the U.S. occupation in order to reduce the number of American casualties, neutralize opposition in other Arab countries, and slowly legitimize the puppet regime. In truth, it means changing the color of the body count. . . .

Six, we should work to dismantle the U.S. war "Coalition" by building a "Peace Coalition" by the means of the global anti-war movement. Groups with international links. . . could organize conferences and exchanges aimed at uniting public opinion against any regimes with troops supporting the U.S. in Iraq. . .

By any moral or economic accounting, we now are worsening the lives of Iraqi since the fall of Saddam. . . Not even our friends like us anymore, whether we are tourists in Europe or diplomats at the United Nations.

Conclusions: The far left's:
  1. Unpatriotic--American liberals blame America for everything and want America to lose.

  2. Violent -- despite their professed "pacifism."

  3. Consumed by hate though they claim to be motivated by peace and love.

  4. Dreams of assassinating President Bush.

  5. Dangerously fatalistic.

  6. Ignores, and thus condones, evil--including repeated brutal beheadings of innocents.

  7. Unconcerned with bargaining away our civil rights when they made common cause with Muslim Shari`ah law, a philosophy that is anti-democracy, anti-women, anti-gay, anti-Christian and anti-Semitic.

  8. Insists it is morally superior to America but, at the same time, that America is wrong and presumptuous to insist our democratic freedoms are better than authoritarian dictatorships.

  9. Naive.

  10. Ignorant of history, except the 1960s, where they're stuck (for example, eliding America's all-volunteer military and then blovating about a draft that doesn't exist).

  11. Utterly selfish, they're uninterested, and unwilling to make even the slightest sacrifice, to liberate others from tyranny and spread democracy. In short, when not actually pro-authoritarian, they're isolationists.

  12. Lazy--willing to protest, construct puppets, or even strip naked, but reluctant to act to improve the lives of others.

  13. Bigoted.

  14. Opposes and disrupts freedom of speech.

  15. Awful attorneys. They invent imaginary international law then ignore actual treaties.

  16. Unable to understand conservatives. For example, they view Pat Buchanan as "pillar" of the right rather than a pro-union, almost leftist, nativist, and think William F. Buckley is anti-war.
The radical left has abandoned politics and morality. They're just a sick and sinister mob.


Tim Blair's photo of a typical anti-Bush Canadian.

Still More:

Steve Giacomelli says anti-Bush Canadian lefties "don't even know what the hell they are talking about -- . . . their "facts" are made up paranoid propaganda."

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